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Simple Account Creation

Our streamlined sign up process has you up and running in minutes with a custom donation portal. Sign up is free. Sign up now >>

Multiple Campaign Creation

Build multiple unique campaigns within your Transaxt account to easily see which campaigns are working best for your fundraising efforts. Learn more >>

Social Media Integration

Get donations directly from high-traffic social media sites like face book and twitter. Access results from these efforts right here on our website. Learn more>>

Full Reporting and Analytics

Set campaign goals for each project and see charts, graphs, and statistics to make your online fundraising more effective. Learn more>>

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Good analytics and reporting are the only way to measure how your online fundraising strategies are performing.

Fine-tune your campaign and drive optimum results.

Our reporting interface makes it easy to understand what is and isn’t working, and make adjustments fast.

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It's our mission to provide a scalable and reliable solution
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