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Transaxt is a robust online donation platform that makes harnessing the fundraising power of the Internet simple and easy. It is our mission to provide a scalable and reliable solution for accepting online donations so you can focus on building relationships with your supporters and leave the technical details to us.


Multiple Campaign Creation

Online fundraising is about more than just building a donation page and leaving the rest up to chance. Our platform allows for multiple campaigns under the same account so that you can be truly dynamic with your fundraising strategies.

Within each unique campaign, you can:

-Enter your own CSS code to streamline the look of your donation pages with that of your existing web presence

-Provide supporters unique SRC codes for attributing donation appeals to the appropriate person

-Insert video directly on your donate page

Once you've created multiple campaigns within Transaxt, you can note each campaign's performance. Compare your outreach strategies: social media, individual donor requests, email marketing, event email reminders, and targeted messaging emails. With each donation page representing its own campaign, you can continually modify and reconsider separate strategy for each unique bid.

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Social Media Integration

Accepting donations is just the first step in successful online fundraising. Today’s social media environment provides a unique platform to capture potential donors. Transaxt makes it quick and easy to highlight your fundraising activity in popular social media envionments like Twitter and Facebook. This allows you to capture donations from within these platforms rather than making these donors come to you.

Using social media for online fundraising is a necessary strategy for campaigns, businesses, and nonprofits in today’s world. Stay ahead of the game with our analytics to see how your social media presence is performing. Encourage traffic to your sites by tying your social media in with your email pushes, and watch your likes—and visibility—increase.

With our multiple campaign function, you can see specifically how your social media is performing, then alter your approach as needed.


Full Reporting and Analytics

Good analytics and reporting are the only way to measure the performance of your online fundraising tactics. Our reporting interface is easy to understand so you can adjust your approach and optimize your fundraising potential.

Our comprehensive charts provide great visuals to improve your data. With our newly updated charts you can see clearly which projects, campaigns, and individual donors have the most activity, so you can also break down your results into meaningful categories to enhance your future outreach.

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